Winter Forests

Each first grade student will be making a winter forest.  We will make them with ice cream sugar cones, frosting, and tiny decorations.  If you could donate one or more of the following items, we’d really appreciate it!

Every student should bring in a can of white frosting.

 Supplies the class will need:

  • 48-72 sugar ice cream cones (with pointed ends)
  • 1 bag each of jumbo, large, mini marshmallows
  • LOTS of mini M & M’s, mini candy canes, sprinkles, cinnamon dots, gumdrops and other little candies, or other small items that can be used to decorate. WinCo has wonderful things in their bulk bins, like candy stones for pebbles, trees, snowmen, etc.
  • Animals crackers (frosted or unfrosted)
  • We will also need lots of parent helpers from 12:30-2:00

We will make our forests on Thursday, December 15, at 12:45.  Please come and join in the fun while helping the children create their winter forest scene.  Then, snuggle-up and read a few books together in class.  There are many wonderful ones in my library.