Spring Break “Stay-cation!”

We all have to stay home on this vacation, but here are some virtual ways that you can “get out and go!”

Ride the rides at Disneyland Paris

Visit a National Park with Google Earth (takes a minute to load)

See the animals at the San Diego Zoo (live cams at top, scroll down the page for videos)

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

The Monterey Bay Aquarium

A variety of Theme Parks in Southern California

15 Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch

ABC Scavenger Hunt that you can do as a family. Take a walk and look for something that starts with each letter.

Some other fun things to do:

25+ Easy and Awesome Science Projects for Kids

Directed Drawing Videos: Draw a Fancy Heart     Draw a Bunny    Draw A Butterfly    Draw A Bee    Draw a Flower     Draw A Cool Sun

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