Apple Week

We finished up our Apple Week by rotating through all 4 first grade classes and doing different activities in each room. Look how cute our little Appleseed-lings are!



Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program

B&N Summer Reading

Kids Earn a Free Book:

The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is here to help you on your way, encouraging you to read books of your own choosing and earn a FREE book, simply by following these three easy steps:

1. Read any eight books this summer and record them in your Summer Reading Journal (English or Español). Tell us which part of the book is your favorite, and why.
2. Bring your completed journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 16th and September 5th, 2017. Find a Store
3. Choose your FREE reading adventure from the book list featured on the back of the journal.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge!

Our class has signed up to participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, a free online reading program that invites children to log their reading minutes all summer at

I’m excited to share that the theme of this year’s program is “Happy Camper: Take a Reading Adventure!” As kids log their reading minutes throughout the 18 weeks of summer, they will unlock a book featuring fun activities including games, videos, quizzes and more. Plus, throughout the summer, kids will earn digital rewards and learn about great new books to read. On the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge site, families will have access to free books lists across all ages in both English and Spanish.

The fun begins on May 8, 2017, and ends on September 8, 2017. I invite you to learn more about the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge at

Have a wonderful summer!
If your child forgot his or her summer reading username, please contact me directly or contact Scholastic at 1-800-SCHOLASTIC or email

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Leprechaun Traps

Optional Family Project – Due at school Thursday, March 16th

If you’d like, you and your family may build a leprechaun trap to try to catch one. Remember, leprechauns are tricky creatures, so your traps will need to be clever. Use things you find around the house, such as: a shoebox, cereal box, etc. Leprechauns are attracted to the color green and love shiny things. Construction paper, glitter, and crayons or markers can also be used.

We will be setting up our traps in class, so please be sure to bring yours to school on March 16th. Everyone that builds a trap will have a few minutes to present it to the class and show how it works.

Use your imagination and have fun working with your family to create an original trap! I can’t wait to see the amazing ideas you come up with!



100th Day of School

100th Day of School

All first and second grade students will be displaying their 100th day projects on Thursday, February 2nd. We all get to tour the other class rooms to see the projects they have made as well. Be sure to make a project with 100 items that you will be proud to show!

  • Project is due Thursday morning, February 2, 2017 (it will be coming back home that afternoon)
  • The project MUST fit on the student’s desk
  • This can be a fun family project, but it should reflect the student’s own creativity and effort

Winter Forests

Each first grade student will be making a winter forest.  We will make them with ice cream sugar cones, frosting, and tiny decorations.  If you could donate one or more of the following items, we’d really appreciate it!

Every student should bring in a can of white frosting.

 Supplies the class will need:

  • 48-72 sugar ice cream cones (with pointed ends)
  • 1 bag each of jumbo, large, mini marshmallows
  • LOTS of mini M & M’s, mini candy canes, sprinkles, cinnamon dots, gumdrops and other little candies, or other small items that can be used to decorate. WinCo has wonderful things in their bulk bins, like candy stones for pebbles, trees, snowmen, etc.
  • Animals crackers (frosted or unfrosted)
  • We will also need lots of parent helpers from 12:30-2:00

We will make our forests on Thursday, December 15, at 12:45.  Please come and join in the fun while helping the children create their winter forest scene.  Then, snuggle-up and read a few books together in class.  There are many wonderful ones in my library.